PNC Personal Loans Review Large Bank with In-Person Branch


PNC, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA is one of America’s largest financial institutions. It serves consumers and businesses through its 2,700 branches as well as its website. PNC purchased BBVA, a bank that was founded in June 2021. The company is currently working to transition existing BBVA customers into PNC.

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PNC offers a wide range of financial services, including loans, mortgages, banking, and investing.

PNC offers personal loans as well as personal credit lines that are unsecured. This means there is no collateral. Qualified applicants may borrow as much as $35,000, and the loan can be repaid in as little as five years. You can apply online, or over the phone for information about product availability and interest rates.

Before you apply for a loan from PNC, we recommend that you compare offers from different lenders. Borrowers with excellent credit might be able to qualify for lower rates and more transparent terms elsewhere.

How to Get a Personal Loan?

Personal loans are a fast way to obtain immediate cash. Personal loans are not an alternative to an emergency fund, but they can be useful if you have large expenses coming up or need to consolidate high interest credit card debt.

There are two types of personal loans: unsecured or secured. A secured loan will require that you pledge collateral, such as your vehicle or other assets. The lender may take your collateral and sell it if you default on your payments. Secured loans can be more risky for the borrower but may offer lower interest rates than unsecured loans.

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Alternatives to Personal Loans

Although a personal loan is a convenient and easy way to finance a purchase or pay unexpected costs, there are other options that may be more cost-effective.

An emergency fund: Having money in your emergency fund can make it easier to pay unexpected expenses or cover unexpected medical bills.

Balance transfer credit card: This is a great way to consolidate debt and save interest, while also consolidating your credit card debt. While you can pay off your balance in 12-18 months without any interest charges, make sure that you have a plan to eliminate the debt during the promotional period.

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Counseling: A counselor at a non-profit credit counseling agency can help you if you are having trouble paying off your credit cards or with medical debt. They can help you set up a budget and create a repayment plan. The U.S. can help you find trustworthy agencies close to you. Trustee Program website.

Additional income: If you are aware of a significant expense, you might consider a side-job or part-time position to make extra money. You can save money by focusing your earnings on your goal and avoiding the need to take out a personal loan.

How do I Qualify for a Personal Loan from PNC?

The following information will be required by a lender when you apply for a personal loan from PNC:

  • Credit report
  • Your income and housing costs
  • Your bank account

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PNC does not specify minimum credit scores or income requirements for applicants. We contacted PNC to find out more details. A representative of the company told us that PNC doesn’t disclose such information.